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TV One is the new home of reality show superstar Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth who recently debuted in her latest production, “Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger.”

What’s the ‘ultimate merger?’ If you think it’s a multi-million dollar business deal, think again.

This time, our girl is looking for love, real love, or so the story goes.

First off, Omarosa did not have a hand in selecting the 12 men who will woo her for a season, or at least until they get eliminated. Trump took it upon himself to handpick these men, because as Omarosa puts it, ‘he knows my taste.’

Okay, I’ll bite. But it will be hard for me to swallow the fact that this sister didn’t have a say in whom she’ll be kissing, and cuddling up next to. Trump is very fond of Omarosa, and in fact, he’s like her godfather, and he thinks it’s time she found a man.

There are some real catches at her fingertips including model and author CJ; new school singer Ray Lavendar; former NFL player Isaac and even a blast from the past–90’s R&B hunk Al B. Sure.

Shot against the beautiful backdrop of Las Vegas, the show will allow Omarosa to put these men through a series of trying tests, challenges and hot, steamy dates each week to figure out who will move on and who will be eliminated. That’s the hype.

I always enjoy seeing Black men get together and just talk ‘brother talk.’ Oh, yeah there is one White boy in the group; kind of like the way they do ethnic people: there is always at least one, but from what I could tell from the first episode, he may be able to hold his own . . .  only time and the brothers will tell.

Then there is this one stupid brother who proudly says he doesn’t date Black women. What’s he doing on the show? He claims to be a Hollywood producer; didn’t he know Omarosa was Black? I can’t wait until she gets a hold of this tired brother.

But, I digress.

When the show opens, we meet the would-be Romeos one-by-one, and the confidence, personality, and sex appeal they exude jumps out at you. From the man hugs, when they greet each other, to the unique humor, and the just down right good looks many of them possess, this is a show where you can select your favorites, and look ’em up, if they don’t get picked.

Sexy R&B songster, Al B. Sure is one of the brothers vying for Omarosa’s hand. At one time they dated, but he didn’t strive to take their relationship to another level then, but now he’s back and ready to commit. Is it real … or just TV? He has some competition, not only in the love department, but in the singing department as well.

Which brings up another point: Omarosa is still enrolled in divinity school in Ohio, and as reality shows go, ‘morality’ is not the word or act for the day. So, how is she going to balance being sexy, talking sex, and hotly kissing a different man, in different intimate settings on a weekly basis with her apparently strong beliefs in God? And if this show fails to catapult her to new career heights and she returns to her divinity studies, who is going to believe that she’s sincere? In one scene, she even comments “I’ll never get into Heaven” as she passionately kisses one of the contestants.

Seems the call of the Lord has already taken a back seat to the call of ‘the Donald.’

Admittedly, Omarosa does bring a certain amount of class and intelligence to this form of reality show. She’s a very strong, beautiful and determined woman, yet apparently very vulnerable at times when it comes to love. I believe we’ll see another side of her in this show. And as many a sister knows, a brother can break you down, if you let them. But God help that brother, when you come to your senses, and I think we will see this in Omarosa.

Honesty, I think “Ultimate Merger” will be a fun show to watch. The men are funny, cute, and sexy, and Omarosa handles herself like a real lady–lots of style and class. I’m looking forward to seeing who she will pick, and I’ll gladly take one of her leftovers. “Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on TV One.

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