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MAPA endorses Obama


One of the oldest and longest running national Latino and Mexican American political organizations in the country recently endorsed Illinois Sen. Barak Obama as their candidate for the Democratic Party.

“In preparation for the general election in November, the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) has launched a campaign called ‘MAPA for Obama’ which will allow people to form chapters of MAPA specifically dedicated to the Obama candidacy,” said Nativo Virgil Lopez, MAPA’s national president.

Lopez said that excitement is running high among MAPA’s 10,000 members and that a MAPA for Obama chapter has already been formed in the city of Lennox.  “We are hoping to form more chapters, specifically among Latinos,” said Lopez.  “We want to dispel the myth that Latinos will not vote for Obama.”

Lopez said that members of MAPA will be canvassing neighborhoods and knocking on doors to distribute Obama literature and placing “Obama for President” signs in their yards.

“We had a convention in February and all 500 of our delegates pledged to vote for Obama,” said Lopez, who said that his front yard has touted an “Obama for President” sign since February.

“We feel that Obama is the right candidate for the presidency because he promised to withdraw our country from the war in Iraq, support immigration reform, implement Universal Health Care and put forth a reasoned and fair approach to the trade policy. We feel that Obama is the epitome of the best leadership that America can develop.”

Lopez said that readers interested in starting a MAPA for Obama chapter in their area should call MAPA at (323) 269-1575 or request an informational packet by emailing Lopez at