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Hollywood, CA — Brace yourself.  That’s right, this is one of those disturbing movies that leave you scared and concerned for your mortal soul, especially if you believe that in spite of some of the nasty things you’ve done, it still doesn’t qualify you to burn in hell.

“Drag Me to Hell” is one of those nasty movies that will have you cursing all the way through the film. Its shock and gross values are off the hook. And, is it loud?! If you’re not careful you’ll lose your cool and scream before you catch yourself.

“Drag Me to Hell” is the story of a cute little blonde named Christine (Alison Lohman) who is hungry for a promotion with her bank. She gets the impression that she needs to be tough because she is often perceived as soft and a little too “girly” which is not the case. She’s brilliant, and not afraid of going for what she wants, its other peoples’ reactions to her that bugs her. Her competition for the job is a real scumbag and her boss is playing them against each other.

Too bad that on the day she decides to be tough, that an old Gypsy woman asks her for a little compassion so she won’t lose her home; but girlfriend, out of fear of being seen as too soft, decides to turn her down. To make matters worse, she calls for security. That would anger even the kindest person, not to mention a hell-bent, angry, strong-willed woman.

Oh my, oh my, what did she do that for? True, the pleading woman does some disgusting things while she thinks no one is looking and her grooming leaves something to be desired. But people, this movie teaches you not to judge a book by its cover.

Do you remember the Stephen King movie “Thinner”?  A Gypsy put a curse on an obese lawyer after he accidentally killed the Gypsy’s relative, and then the lawyer was found innocent and walked. The curses that unfolded in “Thinner” were shocking, but they add up to child’s play when it comes to “Drag Me to Hell.”

The fun part about this movie is that much of the dialogue is  tongue in cheek, clever lines that you might say when faced with an impossible situation or if you’re a thrill junkie and your particular life is not on the line. Trust me, the laughter breaks are good, it helps release the tension.

When a demon starts menacing Christine she goes into action. No one believes her, not even her fiancée, but he still supports her as she tries to fight off this terrible menace. And she tries everything even saying she’s sorry but it just isn’t good enough.

The tag line to the movie is “even good people go to hell” not in America. In America, when we make a mistake and atone for it, we’re saved. Yes, we have to go through hell to clean up our mess, but we don’t stay there…not in America. All the characters in the movie seem to support this theory, but so what. They put up a valiant fight, and create a to do list for her that will chill you to the bone. As one character said, “You’ll be surprised at what you’ll do to keep from going to hell.”

Christine fights diligently for her life; she’s a good person at heart that made a bad decision.
Everybody makes mistakes. But I guess if you’ve got to make a bad decision make sure it doesn’t involve a person that can cast an evil curse on you and drag you kicking and screaming into hell.
“Drag Me to Hell” is a scream fest and a gross out movie. Go with someone you can laugh at if they get more frightened than you.

“Drag Me to Hell” is in theaters next Friday.

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