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Moses and the Ten Commandments


When Moses, the Kemetic (Egyptian) Afrikan, he was not Hebrew, was said to have gone on top of Mount Sinai to receive the ten religious laws, he had already been trained as a Kemetic priest in similar laws. So similar, Dr. Yosefben-Jochanna, Kemetologist (Egyptologist), better known as Dr. Ben, stated that these laws were already in existence, and were thousands of years old. They were called the “Admonitions To The Goddess Maat”, or “The 42 Negative Confessions,” in addition to approximately 120 more. Dr. Ben asserts that the Sinai story is Hebrew folklore. He was born a Jew in Ethiopia.

Dr. KwameNantambu, in Real Truth About Moses states, “These ‘Negative Confessions’ represent the first moral code of ethics invented for a people to live by on a daily basis. Afrikans invented these moral codes in the B.C. era. These were developed before there was a Christian Holy Bible or an Islamic Holy Qur’an. It took the ancient Afrikans fifty generations or 1,200 years to develop these moral, spiritual codes.

“The reason why there are 42 ‘Confessions’ is because there were 42 ‘Districts’ or ‘Provinces’ which the ancient Kemites – Afrikans – Egyptians called ‘Sepat’. When the Greeks (the world’s first Europeans) conquered Kemet in 332 B.C., they re-named them ‘Nomes’.”

The “Negative Confessions” are found in the world’s first spiritual text, The Book Of Coming Forth By Day And By Night, which today is called The Book of The Dead. On the Day of Judgment in the afterlife, a person would recite the sins she/he did not commit, such as from these 42 confessions:

I have not committed sin.

I have not committed robbery with violence.

I have done violence to no man.

I have not committed theft.

I have not slain man or woman.

I have not made light the bushel.

I have not acted deceitfully.

I have not taken the things that belonged to God.

I have not uttered falsehood.

I have not carried away food.

I have not uttered evil words.

I have not attacked man.

I have not killed the beasts, which are the property of the Gods.

I have not eaten my heart (i.e., done anything to my regret).

I have not laid waste ploughed land.

I have never pried into matters.

I have not set my mouth in motion against my man.

I have not given way to anger concerning myself without cause.

I have not defiled the wife of a man.

I have not committed transgression against any part.

I have not violated sacred times and seasons.

I have not struck fear into any man.

I have not been a man of anger.

I have not made myself deaf to words of right and truth.

I have not stirred up strife.

I have made no man weep.

I have not committed acts of impurity or sodomy.

I have not eaten my heart.

I have abused no man.

I have not acted with violence.

I have not judged hastily.

I have not taken vengeance upon the God.

I not multiplied my speech overmuch.

I have not acted with deceit, or worked wickedness.

I have not cursed the king.

I have not fouled water.

I have not made haughty my voice.

I have not cursed the God.

I have not behaved with insolence.

I have not sought for distinctions.

I have not increased my wealth except with such things are my own possessions.

I have not thought scorn of the God who is in the city.

It is from these religious laws, and others, that various scholars have stated that Moses created the Ten Commandments. At some point, under intense scholastic scrutiny, the truth will reveal itself.

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