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San Jose, CA — Little did Aundrea Lacy realize that mixing up a brownie recipe would lead to a business generating six figures.

Lacy was baking brownies for a friend several years ago when the mishap occurred. “I’m dyslexic, so I read the ingredients wrong,” recalls Lacy.

After she delivered the brownies to a friend who raved about the brownies, Lacy decided to go into the baking business and launched Luv’s Brownies 12 years ago. Initially concentrating on customers in the Silicon Valley, Luv’s signature heart shaped brownies captured a loyal following, along with her tasty cheesecake and cupcakes.

But when the boom went bust, Lacy scrambled to keep her San Jose, Calif. based business afloat.

She brainstormed and decided to write a book, “Luv Story: From Homemade Brownies to My Own Internet Bakery,” which gave tips to fledgling entrepreneurs and chronicled her adventures in the baking world. The book generated speaking engagements at libraries, schools, colleges and book stores and led to small business consulting.

Now Luv’s brownies are back on track and Lacy, a former marketing executive for Hewlett-Packard, is racking up sweet sales all over the country.

“Ninety percent of my orders are through the Internet,” said Lacy. “Orders pour in from all over the world.”

Luv’s Brownies can be accessed at