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Kamala Harris gives  commencement speech


Durham, NC

By Kristina Dixon | Across Black America

The vice president surprised North Carolina Central University graduates at the May 4 commencement ceremony. Kamala Harris, a Howard University alumna, sent a pre-recorded video of her speech.

“As Vice President of the United States, I tell you—no matter what path you choose to follow from here—our nation needs you,” Harris said, as reported by HBCU Gameday. “We need your ambition. We need your aspirations [and] your voice, and we need. As a proud HBCU graduate I know firsthand the value of attending an institution like yours. You leave here having been taught that you can do and be anything. And that you have a duty to be excellent. To work to uplift the condition of all people. And to fight to protect our most fundamental rights and freedoms. So, as you set out on the next chapter of your life. Remember, there is no obstacle you cannot overcome. There is no barrier that you cannot break. And there is no limit to your capacity for greatness.”