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Diddy sued by former nanny


Asks judge for pop star’s arrest record

A former nanny for Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is suing the singer regarding her 2021 firing, has filed court papers asking a judge to order the performer to turn over background information, including any felony convictions he may have.

The plaintiff, Raven Wales-Walden, sued Diddy, Combs Enterprises LLC and three other companies in September 2022, alleging pregnancy discrimination, violation of the pregnancy disability law, retaliation and various state Labor Code violations.

“The ... interrogatories seek crucial information pertaining to (Diddy), his liability and his defenses in this action, as well as the liability of (Diddy’s) entity co-defendants,” the plaintiff’s attorney states in court papers filed Friday. “(Diddy’s) prior felony convictions are directly relevant to (his) credibility as a witness.”

Diddy “improperly relies upon blanket objections because he is a public figure even though much of the information sought (involve) public records,” Wales-Walden’s attorney further contends in his court papers, adding that the right to privacy is not absolute and information may be compelled where there is a “compelling state interest, such as the ascertainment of truth in connection with litigation.”

The plaintiff’s attorney also is asking for the name, address and phone number of Diddy’s current employer and whether the singer can “read and write English with ease.”

Wales-Walden was a “niece-like figure” to the late Kim Porter, Diddy’s former romantic partner and the mother of his twin daughters, an amended suit filed April 11 states. Wales-Walden was hired as Porter’s personal assistant in September 2018 and helped Porter with creative projects in addition to helping her nanny at the time with the care of Porter’s daughters, the amended suit states.

A day after Porter died in November 2018 of pneumonia at age 47, Diddy personally asked Wales-Walden to live at his estate and be a full-time nanny to the then-11-year-old twins, D’Lila and Jessie, an offer the plaintiff agreed to in honor of Porter, with whom she was extremely close, the revised complaint further states.

Diddy fired Wales-Walden in January 2021 “because she was pregnant and unmarried, which purportedly set a bad example for (Diddy’s) daughters,” the amended suit states.