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Local railroad crossings receive federal funding


Including Sierra Highway, Avenue S

Three railroad grade separation efforts in Los Angeles County were among dozens nationwide awarded millions in federal funds, it was announced this week.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, $64.5 million in Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program funds was earmarked for projects in California.

The disbursals are part of a $570 million distribution for 63 projects in 32 states, according to the FRA.

“The Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant Program is another critical tool that FRA is using to make a lasting impact on the safety and transportation needs of communities nationwide,” FRA Administrator Amit Bose said. “With these project selections and the many more that are to come, we will save lives and reshape infrastructure in ways that allow individuals to move through their neighborhoods seamlessly and safely.”

In Los Angeles County, $704,000 was earmarked for a Sierra Highway Crossing Elimination Planning Project. According to the FRA, the project will include a feasibility study on bridge projects at three grade crossings at Avenue S, Barrel Springs Road and Sierra Highway.

“The Avenue S crossing in particular sees significant vehicular and pedestrian traffic, including proximity to a traffic signal that leads to cars blocking the right-of-way,” according to the FRA. “The other two crossings see high vehicular and train speeds and involve angled curves on approach that limit sight lines for vehicles.”

Meanwhile, $38.3 million was directed to the Doran Street Grade Separation Project, which will help fund a bridge to separate railroad tracks from vehicular traffic along the Los Angeles/Glendale border, by connecting West San Fernando Road to the Fairmont Avenue Bridge.

The FRA also dedicated $600,160 for a Los Angeles County Rail Crossing Elimination Master Plan, which will evaluate 112 railroad crossings and corridors in unincorporated areas and prioritize them for grade-separation projects.

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