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CAL town hall sizeable crowd in support of Mayor Karen Bass


Helping to keep citizens informed

Citizens for Accountable Leadership (CAL)  hosted a recent town hall meeting with Mayor Karen Bass to help facilitate a discussion regarding her immediate plans for meeting the vast challenges of serving Los Angeles.

CAL, formerly known as the African-American Leadership Financial Council of Los Angeles, was established to foster discussions that educate minority communities on current political issues.CAL is an unincorporated association with a mission to provide a platform for elected officials, candidates, government executives, and corporate leaders to discuss issues that are relevant to the community to promote political engagement and empowerment.

The organization regularly raises funds for select political candidates. Joy Atkinson, CAL’s public affairs administrator, remarked: “We always use the team we have to support the person if it’s for a compelling reason and we thought for instance in the mayors’ race…we thought it was compelling to support the first African-American woman for mayor.”

CAL last year held a public forum for Rep. Sydney Kamlager Dove (CA-37) where she outlined plans should she be elected congresswoman. Public forums such as these, Atkinson explained, can help candidates better explain their positions to prospective voters. CAL has endorsed five recent candidates for public office ranging from p;olitical office holders to Los Angeles County Superior Court judges.

“Our organization provides the opportunity for elected officials and candidates who are running for office to highlight their experience, expertise, and ideas to enhance and help our communities thrive," said Dr. Gail Willis, CAL chairperson. “We want to give the public an opportunity to engage and dialogue with our elected officials regarding issues that are pertinent in our community.”

Following the success of the first CAL hosted Town Hall Meeting, Atkinson hopes to continue to have more community meetings with department heads, administrators and elected officials.

For more details about CAL, visit, or contact Rickey Ivie, CAL vice chair, at