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Diverse, beautiful, fabric of nation

It is fitting and proper that we have a Women’s History Month. Just as Black History Month which precedes it, there is an opportunity to acknowledge another group that history often has omitted and, in many cases, continues to do so. But while all women have had struggles, none have been as great as the Black woman, unless there was the condition of slavery attached to their life struggles. Black women achieved in spite of slavery, rape, murdered husbands and children taken from them and sold as property.

While we call to the world’s attention the accomplishment of just a few Black women on these pages, it is especially important that the Black man makes these same acknowledgements without a sense of insecurity or fear. She is strong because she had to be in order for our species to survive. She is as diverse, as these pages demonstrate, as she is beautiful and she is the very fabric of this great nation built on her back and struggles.

In these pages, we are limited in our recognition of the numbers and contributions of Black women past and present. We invite you to continue the research and the recognition wherever possible. We have included some local heroes recently deceased and currently with us. We invite you to join us in honoring them and their achievements.

You see, “Our struggle continues”.

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