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App creator helps people deal with grief

Imagine an app that will help people deal with the loss of their loved ones. Adby Phiri, creator of the Grief Resort, has created such an app. Q: When will […]


Imagine an app that will help people deal with the loss of their loved ones. Adby Phiri, creator of the Grief Resort, has created such an app.

Q: When will the app become available?

A: The Grief Resort App launches on the App Store and Google Play Store on May 1. It will be available for download from then on. Right now, the app is in the development stage, and we are also running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, asking all interested parties to chip in with donations.

As we all know, Black founders have limited access to funding, and we have to explore different avenues to make this vision of helping those who are grieving. Almost a quarter million Americans die every year, leaving an average of five people grieving for each of them. This app is for anyone who is grieving or has lost a loved one.

Q: What is the purpose of the app?

A: The Grief Resort app addresses six issues that arise during the grieving process. For example: (1) Grief is a long lonely journey, but on the app, we cry together and support each other; (2) After losing our loved one, we want to keep memories of our loved one alive, and we have a feature that solves that; (3) Life gets in the way, and we make sure that you never forget/miss special days; (4) After losing a loved one, we are left with so many whys, this app helps you find new perspectives; (5) When grieving, some days are harder than others. We help uplift your spirits when you are down; (6) We also have a feature that allows you to pour your heart out without fear of judgment or ridicule.

Q: How does it keep loved ones’ memories alive?

A: We have a feature called the Memory Box, and here you can upload favorite pictures, videos, and voice notes of your loved one. Instead of keeping them in a drop box, email, or hard drive where they fade away, you can access and update them easily with a simple tap.

Q: What are some of the other “features” of the app?

A: The other features include: (1) The Group Hug feature: we uplift, comfort, and listen to the needs of fellow grievers; (2) The Remind Me feature: reminds you about upcoming special days, let’s say it’s an anniversary, a grave visit, a grief counseling session, an estate administration meeting, etc.; (3) The Library feature: It’s a compilation of Books, Podcasts, Movies, Songs, and T.V Shows that help you understand death and how to cope after losing a loved one; (4) The Quotes Feature: These are different grief quotes to help uplift you when you are down; (5) The Diary Feature: you can share your ups and downs, your victories and fears, with people that relate to what you are going through.

Q: What are some of the reviews/ reactions to the creation of the app?

A: The response has been very positive. We have consulted a good number of people that are grieving, and they love that the app is a safe space for them and addresses their specific needs.

Q: Do you think this app will help with suicide prevention?

A: That is a BIG YES. After losing a loved one, most people feel lonely, hopeless, depressed, unmotivated, and pessimistic at that point, they are more susceptible to thoughts of suicide. Having a place to go to where you find people going through the same thing as you, and having access to tools on how to cope can make a big big difference, thereby preventing suicide. The Grief Resort app is about togetherness, giving hope to the hopeless, and motivation.

Q: What experience are you hoping users have on the app?

A: Whenever users come to the App, l want them to feel hopeful and happier. I would like them to feel as if they went on a vacation or a resort that’s the reason why the App is called Grief Resort

Q: What message do you want to give users?

A: To all our potential/future users, l would like to say,  “You are not alone.”