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Rex Richardson elected mayor of Long Beach


Rex Richardson will be the first Black mayor of Long Beach, with Councilwoman Suzie Price conceding the race last week.

“It appears that the people of Long Beach have spoken and selected Vice Mayor Richardson as our next mayor,” Price,49, said in a statement. “I wish him nothing but success on the journey ahead.

“I am incredibly proud of the campaign that we ran and how hard each and every one of our supporters, staff, friends and family worked to fight for what they believed in. As a young kid trying to learn a new language in a new country, I could never have dreamed of running for mayor in one of this country’s greatest cities. This is the essence of democracy and the heart of the American dream. I love the city and will always work hard to make it a better place,” added Price.

A short time after Price’s concession, the 39-year-old Richardson issued a statement proclaiming victory.

“Long Beach voters had a choice between two public servants who have worked every day to make our communities a better place to work, live, and raise a family,” he said.

“I want to commend Councilmember Suzie Price for sharing her ideas for the future of our city. She and I share a love for Long Beach and want to ensure every resident is safe and thriving. I look forward to collaborating with her and her supporters to unify our city and move us forward.”