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Now that the election is over…


Now that the election is over, this is a good time for reality checks.

First, we must take a close look at the messages sent by all voters on election day. On the conservative right, we find people running for and getting elected to offices at all levels who clearly stated that they are “election deniers” in terms of the election of President Joe Biden. Those same people have said they will not accept current election results unless they win the offices for which they are running. Such people are behind the voter suppression laws instituted around the country.

Those who agree with them but not running for office have made their positions known by the re-election of such people as Governor Greg Abbot in Texas; Governor DeSantis in Florida; Senator Marco Rubio in Florida over Congresswoman Val Demings; and a number of other such elections around the country.

The Conservative Right is now the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party, expressing concern for democracy and the rule of law, regardless of who wins, is in danger of losing our precious rights, even though they have made progress in this election, in some cases beyond what was expected.

“We The People” have demonstrated our faith in the democratic process by our record-breaking turnout at the polls, with more votes to yet be counted. Now, “We The People” must actively get engaged at all levels of government because those against whom we struggled in this election will not stop because this election is over.

The key is not to lose sight of our local issues while fighting to protect our national interests. The issues of homelessness, inflation, unemployment, gas and healthcare must remain priorities with all of us.

The bottom line, we must stay engaged. This battle is ongoing.

Dr. John E. Warren is the publisher of the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper.

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