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Kevin Hart opens new restaurant


Celebrities and influencers have long used their popularity to invest in and create new businesses to build their portfolio and legacy. Kevin Hart is no different, as he has taken his fitness journey and eating habits into the food industry by opening his own restaurant, Hart House.

“As someone who has been preaching Health is Wealth, building Hart House felt like the natural evolution of my flexitarian lifestyle and my business ecosystem,” said Hart.

Hart House is following the trend of vegan and plant-based fast food restaurants popping up all over the Los Angeles area.

“I’m beyond proud of this industry-changing restaurant and the amazing team behind it working tirelessly to create delicious, sustainable food that delivers can’t-believe flavor in every bite,” said Hart.

Hart House serves a 100% plant-based menu that includes burgers and sandwiches with a spicy option if you want a tingle to every bite. The menu includes french fries, crispy tots, salads, chick’n nuggets, plant-based shakes and drinks.

Even though the menu is plant-based, Hart is not a full vegetarian. He takes a flexible approach to his diet that helps him live a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. One thing that was on his mind when creating his restaurant is the affordability of his food for his clients.

“We wanted a price that doesn’t turn customers away,” said Hart. The Hart House sandwiches and burgers range from $5- $7 excluding meal orders. “It was extremely important to us from the beginning to make affordability a massive priority.”

Hart doubled down on this mission by hiring restaurateur Andy Hooper and chef Mike Salem to keep the prices low and the menu appealing. Salem is the former head of culinary innovation at Burger King, where he helped launch the Impossible Whopper. He developed all of the Hart House menu items, which he describes as “straightforward.”

Hart House is located at 8901 S. Sepulveda Blvd. near LAX airport, open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hart has plans to open two more locations, one in Hollywood and the other in Monrovia.

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