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Moving toward Nov. 8  in crisis


While America is caught in the crises of the pandemic, fires, floods, heat and drought, much of this is just an addon for so many of us who were already suffering from the efforts of surviving homelessness, new homelessness, rent, food, lack of healthcare and too little income for the daily struggle.

This is a time to remember that each of us represents a link to survival from the beginning of time, even though we might not know where we came from. We can do much today to determine where we go from here.

Since politics is about who gets fed, we must make sure that we are at the table. We can only do that by participating in the process, at whatever level we find ourselves. If it’s a matter of jobs, then let’s look at who is getting hired, and whether they are getting a job you might have had because you are qualified, but you didn’t know about it.

Are you looking for a job or a position? Once again, are you registered to vote? Do you care who and what’s on the coming ballot? You should. It will affect you whether you vote or don’t vote. What are the money issues that you are concerned about? Rent, food, gas prices? Which candidates or issues reflect your concerns? We can’t stop the heat, fires or the floods, so do we find ways to help each other? What do you know about the local people running for office? Are you and your vote even on their radar?

The coming November midterm election must be on all our radars. Our quality of life for the next two years of our immediate future will depend on what we do or don’t do. This is not a push for either political party; if in doubt, register as an Independent. But register and be prepared to vote. Election Day is coming and with it all our futures, whether or not we participate.

Dr. John E. Warren is publisher of San Diego Voice and Viewpoint Newspaper.

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