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White driver arrested, charged with nine counts of assault for targeting Black cyclists


A Mississippi man was arrested after a video circulated on social media showing him recording himself driving and threatening to hit nine Black children on bicycles, saying “50 points” and a racial slur as he sped toward the youngsters, reports NBC BLK.

Mark Hall, 49, was arrested last week and charged with nine counts of simple assault enhanced by hate crime, the Tippah County  Detention Center told NBC News. He was released on $45,000 bond.

Jimmy Brooks, the father of two of the nine, confirmed the video circulating on Facebook as the one involving his children and Hall. “Ah hell,” Hall can be heard saying as he drives into the middle of the group at nearly 40 miles per hour without slowing down or waiting for the children to clear the road.

As he passes them, he can be heard saying, “stupid” followed by a racial slur.

Parents of the teen cyclists were outraged that their kids could have been run down. The parents encouraged the police to press charges, which was done.

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