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‘Monkeypox emergency’ in Los Angeles County


Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell this week issued a proclamation of local emergency for monkeypox to address the increasing number of cases in Los Angeles County.

It is in response to bolster the county’s response to the monkeypox outbreak, Mitchell said in a statement released Tuesday. The Board of Supervisors was scheduled to vote to ratify the proclamation of a local emergency on Tuesday.

“This proclamation is critical in helping us get ahead of this virus,” Mitchell said in a statement. “By declaring a local emergency, it allows us to cut through the red tape to better dedicate resources and educate residents on how to protect themselves and help stop the spread. It will also allow the County to quickly administer vaccines as more become available and to take the necessary efforts to obtain supplies and enhance outreach and awareness.”

As part of the proclamation, the Board of Supervisors will request recovery assistance be made available under the California Disaster Assistance Act, and that the state expedite access to state and federal resources and any other appropriate federal disaster relief programs.

The Board of Supervisors will also direct county departments to implement all assessment, assistance and monitoring efforts as applicable.