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Healthvana helps users keep track of medical information


When COVID-19 testing was first available, millions of people flooded the lines of different testing sites to get results. Dealing with millions of patients can cause an overload when paperwork and sensitive information is involved, but one tech company poured its resources into making medical workers’ lives a little easier in a complete health crisis.

Ramin Bastani was prepared to assist not only medical companies but society as a whole with the processing and distribution of COVID-19 test results through his company called Healthvana.

“Healthvana is a software for healthcare providers to help manage and communicate with their patient population.” Bastani said, noting that Healthvana’s mission is to help eliminate COVID-19 and HIV using technology.

Since 2015, the mobile-first patient platform has been rooted in empathy, enabling HIPAA-compliant test results to be easily and quickly distributed to patients. Healthvana is designed to give patients the ability to access their test results or vaccination records anytime, to share easily, and make healthy choices. It has delivered more than 25 million COVID-19 test results and vaccination records to patients through their mobile phones – no app download is needed, patients just a phone browser and birthdate.

Healthvana also informs its users of new medical information like the announcement of Covid. The FDA has authorized certain antiviral medications and monoclonal antibodies to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in people who are more likely to get very sick. The two antiviral medications are produced by Pfizer and Merck.

These treatments begin five days after one has tested positive for COVID-19. Oral antiviral treatment may help one’s body fight COVID-19 by stopping the SARS-CoV-2 virus from multiplying in the body, lowering the amount of the virus within the body, or helping the immune system. By getting treatment, patients could have less serious symptoms and may lower the chances of their illness getting worse and needing care in the hospital, according to the CDC.

The CDC also approved Monoclonal antibody treatment. Monoclonal antibodies, or mAbs, are made in a laboratory to fight a particular infection (in this case, SARS-CoV-2) and are given directly by infusion and may help if one is at high risk.

The mAb treatment for COVID-19 is different from a COVID-19 vaccine. This treatment gives your body the antibodies it needs to protect itself, but does not replace the need for vaccination.

Healthvana is a nationwide software that can be used by cities, counties, labs, health systems, employers, skilled nursing facilities, homeless shelters and schools to reduce costs, manage patient communication, and inspire informed action for better outcomes. For more information on Healthvana, visit