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Compton College makes dorm plans to support students


The Compton Community College District (CCCD) is making life a little easier for their college students as it plans to take a recent grant totaling $80,389,000 and build a 250-bed student housing facility on the campus.

The grant fund was made possible after Assembly Bill 183 – Higher Education Trailer Bill passed in the fall of 2021. This bill established the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program that provides one-time grants for the construction of student housing or the acquisition and renovation of commercial properties into student housing to provide affordable, low-cost housing options for students enrolled in public postsecondary education.

State Sen. Steven Bradford supported the bill’s passing.

“I am proud to have supported AB 183 in the California State Senate, which provided over $80 Million for Compton College to build student housing.” Bradford said as he explained some of the challenges students face. “I commend the state for directing these vital resources to the campuses and programs that need them the most. Students should not have to worry about their next meal or where they will sleep at night. Nearly 63 percent of students at Compton College experience housing insecurity, these numbers are alarming, and we must do everything we can to provide basic needs for our students so they can focus on their academic success.

“Providing student housing is vital to student success, not only as a need for shelter but living on campus encourages student learning and engagement. Under Dr. Curry’s leadership, Compton College continues to break down barriers and create a positive impact on students and the community.”

The California Community College Districct did a #realcollege survey report where 436 Compton students participated. The results for Compton College students compared to other California college students showed quite a disparity. Compton students faced food insecurity at a higher rate of 59 percent compared to statewide students at 50 percent. Compton students faced housing insecurity at 68 percent, while statewide students were at 60 percent.

The only statistics that were close was the homelessness percentage, as Compton students were at 19 percent and Statewide students were at 18 percent.

The proposed Compton College student housing is located at the northeast corner of campus. Phase one of the 86,000-square-foot building will include four floors of affordable student living quarters with 100 percent occupancy earmarked for eligible low-income students.

The facility will provide three different living configurations: 50 double-room units with access to shared bathrooms and common spaces, 50 double-suite units with bathrooms and access to shared spaces, and 50 studio units for single occupants for a combined total of 250 beds. Amenity spaces will include study areas/lounges, and shared kitchens. Phase two of this student housing project will consist of an additional 200 beds with a mix of double and single occupancy units.

“Having this grant approved is a dream come true as it will provide a crucial resource for Compton College students, many of whom face housing insecurity,” said Sonia Lopez, CCCD Board of Trustees president. “The Board has supported Compton College President/CEO Keith Curry’s ongoing vision of on-campus student housing. For the last several years, Dr. Curry has continuously advocated and lobbied in our state capital for assistance with the basic needs of community college students. We are grateful these efforts by all involved have finally been recognized, and a student housing facility at Compton College will soon become a reality.”

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