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Fireworks explosion victims still at hotels

BOMB SQUAD 27th Street EXPLOSION (309117)

Councilmember Curren Price introduced a motion on July 1, that could result in relocation consultants helping displaced tenants at the Level Hotel overcome challenges that have prevented them from obtaining permanent housing. The motion was then sent to the Housing committee.

Currently, more than two-thirds of the households staying in hotel rooms due to the 27th Street fireworks explosion on June 30, 2021 are renters. Relocation consultants would work closely with displaced families that have faced a myriad of obstacles in securing alternative, permanent housing since the tragedy occurred.

The councilmember is also requesting a report that includes information on financial assistance to help those households, many of whom are low-income and from mixed-status families.

The motion reads as follows:

“On June 30, 2021, the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a controlled detonation of illegal fireworks seized from a residence located on the 700th block of East 27th Street. The  detonation resulted in an explosion that caused damage to surrounding property and displaced  residents. The City immediately began the process of relocating displaced residents to temporary  and permanent housing while repairs to damaged property were addressed through City service  providers or the legal claims process, as preferred by respective property owners. Since a number  of displaced residents continue to live in temporary housing, there is a need to address barriers  keeping them from relocating to permanent housing.

“I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council instruct the Housing Department (LAHD),  with assistance from the City Administrative Officer and City Attorney, to report on relocation  consultants currently under contract with LAHD that may be engaged to resolve barriers  preventing the relocation of remaining displaced residents, due to the 27th Street fireworks  explosion on June 30, 2021, from temporary to permanent housing along with any funding required  for said services.”