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BLM Grassroots lays groundwork


The Black Lives Matter Grassroots organization has been trying to separate itself and shed light that they are a different entity from Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Global Network Foundation is the mainstream BLM organization that got criticized for its improper use of donations. BLM Grassroots is the on-the-groundwork assembly of chapters that have tied themselves together through principles and a mission to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people.

While doing this BLM grassroots has mobilized in support of the survivors of the tragic mass shooting that took place in Buffalo early this year at Top grocery, where ten Black men and women were killed by White supremacist, 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron.

Gendron has since brought up 26 charges that include 10 allegations that Gendron committed a hate crime resulting in death, three counts of a hate crime involving bodily injury and attempt to kill, 10 counts of the use of a firearm to murder during and with a crime of violence, and three counts of the use and discharge of a firearm during and to a crime of violence.

“A week after the massacre BLM Grassroots went to Buffalo to provide spiritual support, volunteer work, and a three-day series of events that included a healing justice session and a day-long session of discussing the roots of white supremacists,” said  Melina Abdullah, the director of BLM Grassroots. “We ended the series on a Sunday that included us attending a sermon at Macedonia Baptist Church with Pastor Cook speaking.”

BLM Grassroots was joined by Sandra Bland’s mother, Jacob Blakes’s father, Breonna Taylor’s family, and many other survivors of police brutality.

BLM Grassroots participated in meetings with community groups in Buffalo, helping direct these various groups on how to provide mental and emotional support to community members.

Also, BLM Michigan has been organizing following the execution of Patrick Lyoya by Grand Rapids Officer Christopher Shurr, which has received little coverage in the election news cycle.

“Lyoya was targeted because of standard Michigan practice of racial profiling by officer Christopher Shurr, which resulted in Lyoya’s death,” said Angela Austin, a representative from one of the many BLM Grassroots Michigan chapters. “A documented report from Michigan police, is saying Black people are more likely to be stopped, searched, and arrested.”

Angela, among others, is hoping for a conviction and not just a firing of Schurr. She is also advocating for an upgraded charge of first-degree murder.

Schurr killed Lyoya, 26, on April 4 after pulling him over for what police said was “an improper Michigan registration.” Graphic video released by the police department days later showed Schurr struggling to detain a confused Lyoya and moments later firing one round at the back of Lyoya’s head while kneeling on his body. Shurr has been fired and charged with second-degree murder and recently had his first court hearing which he did not attend, according to MSN.

BLM Grassroots does not have a social media page or phone number, but readers can visit their website and join their newsletter to stay informed of their activities and events.