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California legislature fails to fund domestic and sexual violence programs


The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, VALOR, the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, and the Culturally Responsive Domestic Violence Network are disappointed that the budget proposal put forth by the California State Legislature has failed to not only include funding for a comprehensive response to sexual and domestic violence, but omits continued funding for existing prevention programs.

After numerous incidents of violence have dominated news headlines in recent weeks, California leaders have made calls for actions that can prevent future violence. VALOR believes that addressing domestic and sexual violence also addresses the root causes of so many other forms of violence, including the deep links between domestic violence, rigid gender norms, racism, and mass shootings.

Those proclamations from state leaders were not met with investments in programs proven to prevent violence. VALOR states this “is outright irresponsible and ignores the overwhelming demand for prevention, innovative interventions, and holistic support. Without ongoing funding to galvanize communities to offer prevention programming, cycles of violence will persist throughout the state.

“As the budget comes together in final negotiations, we implore the Governor and the California legislature to allocate $15 million in ongoing funding for prevention programs as well as an additional $25.5 million for under-resourced and over-represented communities to support culturally specific responses, innovations, and holistic approaches to end violence for future generations.

“Now, more than ever, is the time for action and investment to end cycles of violence. With an overall budget of $300 billion dollars, there are ample resources available for this modest proposal. Domestic and sexual violence are not inevitable and can be prevented with long-term initiatives that educate and equip Californians to change unacceptable social norms and systems that perpetuate violence. It is imperative that Legislative leaders take action and fund these programs in alignment with their purported values.”

ValorUS (VALOR) is a national organization committed to advancing equity and ending sexual violence, and advocates on behalf of California’s safety net for survivors. Since 1980 VALOR is California’s recognized sexual assault coalition. For more information, visit