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Tonique Clay set to open largest seafood restaurant owned by Black woman

Tonique Clay is on the brink of a new achievement as she is set to
debut the largest seafood restaurant owned by a Black woman. Krab
Queenz is the creation of Tonique Clay and they have been steadily
expanding since the brand’s inception, reports Afro Tech.
Black Enterprise  reports Clay’s Krab Queenz Seafood will celebrate
the grand opening of the 11,000 square foot location on Saturday
June 11, 2022 in Harlem, New York.
The Louisiana based  franchise  is proving to be a favorite among
customers. This is thanks to  community  initiatives throughout the
nation. Not to mention southern hospitality, paired with great
cuisine, and a distinctive dining experience.
Growing support has allowed the seafood establishment to reach
Houston,  Atlanta,  Hattiesburg, and Jackson, Miss.
“Krab Queenz is a brand that takes pride in providing a great dining
experience to each of our customers. We want our customers to feel
like family in our establishments outside of providing our delicious
recipes. That’s the southern thing to do.” said founder Tonique Clay,
according to a press release. “We expect to raise the bar with the
Harlem location.