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Leaked Harvard report finds remains of enslaved people and Native Americans


A leaked draft report from a Harvard faculty committee has revealed that the university possesses, in its museum collections, the remains of nearly 7,000 Native Americans and almost 20 people who were likely enslaved, according to the Harvard Crimson, reports NBC BLK

The draft report, which has not yet been finalized and was dated in April, is the work of a steering committee tasked with making plans for Harvard’s collection of human remains.

It urges the university to return the remains to descendants’ families — or, if ancestry is unclear, to consult with the descendants’ communities about how to address returning the remains.

According to the Crimson, the draft report acknowledges that the remains “were obtained under the violent and inhumane regimes of slavery and colonialism” and that they “represent the University’s engagement and complicity in these categorically immoral systems.”