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Trump-backed Senate candidate blames gun violence on Black people


Blake Masters, a Republican candidate for the Senate in Arizona who was recently endorsed by former President Donald Trump, said on a podcast that “Black people, frankly” are to blame for America’s gun violence problem, reports NBC News.

“We do have a gun violence problem in this country, and it’s gang violence,” Masters said on “The Jeff Oravits Show” in April. “It’s gangs. It’s people in Chicago, St. Louis shooting each other. Very often, you know, Black people, frankly. And the Democrats don’t want to do anything about that.”

Masters also claimed Democrats “are weak on crime” and “don’t like the Second Amendment” because “it frankly blocks a lot of their plans for us.”

During the same podcast, when asked what he thought about President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman confirmed to the court, Masters said she was “a horrible pick” and that she was an “affirmative action candidate.”