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Mayor opens two supportive housing complexes in Venice, Crenshaw


Mayor Eric Garcetti this week celebrated the opening of two HHH-funded permanent supportive housing complexes — the HHH Rose Apartments and the PATH Villas Montclair, which together will provide housing and services to 80 Angelenos experiencing homelessness.

“These two openings represent the steady drumbeat of progress we promised to Angelenos when they said ‘yes’ to Prop HHH, and empowered us to surge ahead with comprehensive solutions to homelessness,” said Garcetti. “These ribbon-cuttings are a clear marker of how far we’ve come in our mission to welcome Angelenos into high-quality, permanent supportive units that can end the vicious cycle of homelessness and make real movement toward ending this crisis.”

The PATH Villas Montclair on Crenshaw, which Mayor Garcetti opened earlier, consists of 45 studio apartments for formerly unhoused Angleneos. The Rose Apartments, which Mayor Garcetti opened in Venice, contains 35 units.

Both developments were funded through a variety of sources, including Measure HHH, and offer on-site supportive services, including individual case management, community building activities, and career development programs.

Since taking office, Garcetti has acted with urgency to confront the homelessness and housing crisis — from expanding the homelessness budget to over 20 times what it was eight years ago, to launching the A Bridge Home shelter program, which has served over 5,500 distinct residents while HHH-funded projects are built.

In the mayor’s latest budget, he proposed a $1.164 billion commitment to homelessness solutions, the largest proposed investment by nearly $200 million. The proposal includes a total of over 3,700 permanent supportive housing units, $331 million for over 2,200 total housing units through Proposition HHH, and $255 million for a new round of Project Homekey, which will add 928 permanent housing units.

Since Garcetti led the coalition to pass Proposition HHH in 2016, 51 permanent supportive and affordable housing projects with more than 3,100 apartments have come online, including 25 Proposition HHH projects with over 1,500 units. 74 permanent supportive and affordable housing units with more than 4,700 apartments are currently under construction, with 19 projects breaking ground this year.