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Virus positivity rate for Blacks continues downward trend


The Los Angeles County Public Health Department reported 372 new COVID-19 cases among Blacks over the last week (down by 34). The County also recorded 13 deaths among Blacks since March 22.

In Los Angeles County the total number of diagnosed Black cases at midweek amounted to 134,264 with 2,767 deaths.

Weekly COVID-19 cases for African-Americans in LA County continued a slow decline after the steep declines in January and February.

A reported 1,056 Blacks, 12-year-olds and older, were vaccinated last week (March 18-24) in Los Angeles County, compared 877 cases the week before (up by 179 vaccinations.)

Unvaccinated African-Americans should talk to their physician, pharmacist, and vaccinated family members about getting vaccinated. If you’re gathering with anyone at higher risk of severe illness or who is not fully vaccinated, do so safely outdoors as much as possible, consider wearing masks indoors and keep your distance while eating or drinking.