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Mike Garcia, Young Kim want to hold China ‘more accountable’


Reps. Mike Garcia (CA-25) Young Kim (CA-39) Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), and Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn.) sent a letter to President Biden urging him to use every diplomatic and economic tool at his disposal to ensure the People’s Republic of China is not able to offer support to the Russian Federation. This comes as the United States has imposed severe sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The lawmakers highlighted the crucial role China plays as Russia’s biggest trading partner and the responsibility they carry as such.

“As Russia’s biggest trading partner, it is critical to prevent Beijing from undermining the rest of the global community in condemning the invasion of Ukraine and presenting a unified effort to cripple the Russian war effort,” the lawmakers wrote.

The lawmakers stated that should China fail to comply with the outlined sanctions, that they also experience the same fate.

“If China does not fully comply with economic sanctions against Russia or if it provides Russia with military assistance, the United States must hold China to the same account as we have held Russia,” the lawmakers wrote. “During this moment of uncertainty, swift and decisive action is needed to keep our allies and our rivals alike, aligned against Putin who has made his country into a pariah state to satisfy his own deluded ambitions.”

In the letter, the lawmakers stressed that at a time when Russia is killing innocent civilians, aiding Russia should be considered equivalent to attacking Ukraine.

“Aiding Russia at this time is tantamount to attacking Ukraine with them. Your administration must turn up the pressure on China at this critical juncture,” the lawmakers wrote. “The world needs strong American leadership now more than ever.”

Garcia serves as the co-chair of the China Task Force. He has consistently stated the importance of holding China accountable.