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Elite Auto Network is taking the automotive world by storm


Black-owned businesses in the upper echelon of Beverly Hills are far and few between, especially in the automotive world.

Elite Auto Network is bringing some Black star power to Beverly Hills.  Owned and operated by Christine and Todd Keith, the company has gained new contracts and business opportunities through the SoCalGas diversity program.

Elite Auto Network is an auto broker company  designed to cut the hassle of going to an auto dealership, as they look for the best prices for their clients. Now, while they may not have a storefront, Elite Auto Network still attracts big customers such as SoCalGas.

“Being who they are, SoCalGas has always been a great customer. We were able to work with their different projects as we provided fleet solutions work to each program,” said Christine.

“At the beginning, before we even accepted the bid, they educated us, and they sent Christine to UCLA for a management course free of charge,” said Todd. “They also put me into an education course as the CEO, to prepare us before we were given a contract. Another thing that’s good with working with them are the different programs they offer to educate you on business, which helped us grow. We have grown for the past two years we have had their contract.”

Obtaining the SoCalGas contract wasn’t as difficult as it seemed, as the couple  detailed the relatively simple experience.

“We were notified that there was a bid opportunity, and like any other, we had to submit a proposal; your capabilities; the pricing; and answer any questions that companies may ask,” Christine said. “Also, working with them in some captaincy for eight years does help.”

“They always reached out to us to attend their strategic seminars, they always offered us scholarships to their small business program, and always invited us to supplier diversity events,” she added. “They did a lot to make sure we were always prepared for future opportunities with them.”

Elite Auto Network is one of the very few Black-owned businesses in the Beverly Hills area. But that is not discouraging the Keiths, and they encourage other Black owners to set up shop there.

“There are only two Black-owned companies on our block, so you know it does kind of get lonely,” Todd said. “But what makes SoCalGas so important is its diversity program because it is a great aid to get a Black business up and running.

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