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Grant funding helps Palmdale obtain a new street sweeper


The Palmdale City Council accepted $203,500 in grant funding for a new street sweeper that will feature upgraded clean diesel engine technology from the Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District (AVAQMD).

The new M4 mechanical street sweeper with upgraded clean diesel engine technology will cost $339,250.28. To fully fund the purchase, the City will supplement $135,750.28 from its fleet maintenance unappropriated fund balance.

The sweeper will replace the city’s current 2006 model which, due to its age and excessive years of service, has become costly to repair with parts often being difficult, or impossible, to locate. Furthermore, the street sweeper’s exhaust emissions will eventually be non-compliant with the State of California, rendering it unusable on highways due to the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations.

“This is an outstanding use of grant funds to not only replace an aging piece of equipment, but to lessen its impact on the environment,” said Palmdale Mayor and AVAQMD Board Member Steve Hofbauer. “Staff did a great job of identifying the need and pursuing the funding. When these state funds become available, it’s our goal to channel them back into our community. It’s helped us achieve the best air quality levels in years. “

“The newer, cleaner, upgraded model will reduce emissions throughout our City’s neighborhoods,” said Councilmember (District 1) and AVAQMD Board Member Austin Bishop. “That’s part of AVAQMD’s mission and something we as a Council seek to accomplish wherever we can.”

The City’s street sweeping operations are currently carried out partially between the City of Palmdale and an outside subcontractor.

For more information, contact Palmdale Public Works at (661) 267-5300.