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Mayor’s office gets funding approved to fight gun violence


In an attempt to control the gun violence that has risen recently, a proposal was recently filed to the Budget and Finance Committee detailing what funding the Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) could do for the community.

The motion stated: “GYRD has seen success in communities as it trains prevention workers on how to diffuse situations without the use of force or weapons. This program, along with the Therapeutic Unarmed Response for Neighborhoods (TURN) initiative, together want to continue their role in the community as they support residents who rely on its services in community engagement, gang prevention, gang intervention, and violence interruption.”

“We can begin by deploying pilot programs targeted specifically at those GRYD zones most acutely affected by the recent surge in gun violence that is being experienced in cities across the U.S. The intent of these pilots will be to integrate data-driven approaches for aligned services including clinical response and victim services in order to engender better outcomes for all.”

Funding for this program was approved Feb. 14  for $2 million. The financial report that shows the breakdown of the funding per council district has not yet been released to the public.