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Crime rate declines in City of Palmdale


The City of Palmdale and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) Palmdale Station have announced a 2.45 percent decrease in the number of Part I crimes reported for all of 2021 resulting in a crime rate of 175 crimes per 10,000 population for the year. This marks the lowest crime rate in Palmdale in nearly a quarter of a century.

Overall, a total of 2,974 Part 1 crimes were recorded in 2021. When compared to 2020, crime fell in most categories. Homicides dropped from 10 to eight, robberies from 153 to 143, burglaries from 427 to 344, and auto thefts from 543 to 525.

In 1996, the crime rate in Palmdale peaked at 468. At that time, the City set a goal to push the crime rate below 300 by 2009, which proved to be successful.  The goal was then reset to drive the rate below 200, which was accomplished in 2018.

“These are the lowest numbers that we have seen since we have been tracking,” said Mayor Steve Hofbauer. “It’s great news for our community. Once again, the partnerships we’ve developed with city staff, law enforcement, and our residents continue to make our community safer for everyone. Community oriented policing is truly an effective approach to engaging with the community to lower crime. There’s still work to do, and we will continue to work hard in 2022 and beyond.”

“I am proud of the Palmdale community when I review the reduction in crime this past year,” said Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Captain Ron Shaffer.  “Our Palmdale Station personnel are committed to public safety despite enduring challenges these past couple of years. The City of Palmdale is an amazing partner in the public safety mission, and the members of our community that work and live in Palmdale have been the best resource in improving our efforts.”

“Public safety is a top priority of our City Council and these statistics further prove that their vision for a safer Palmdale is on track,” said Acting City Manager Ronda Perez. “The Council is committed to public safety and the results are playing out in the community. We’re not going to rest on our laurels, but instead we’ll keep moving forward in unison with our partners to build a city where our residents and businesses feel safe and are proud to live and work in.”

For more information about the City of Palmdale’s neighborhood services department, call (661) 267-5171.