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Metro service changes arriving Feb. 20


Like many organizations across the country, Metro has been facing staff shortages since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Due to these staffing shortages, Metro is making temporary service adjustments on Sunday, Feb. 20, to most bus and all rail lines in order to provide riders with more reliable and predictable service. Service levels will be slightly adjusted to significantly reduce missed service, and create shorter wait times and more room on each bus for customers.

Most bus lines will have service adjustments and will be scheduled to run on average 5-10 minutes less frequently throughout the day and evening. The busiest bus lines will still run every 5-15 minutes on weekdays. There are no changes in route alignments.

For Metro rail B/D Lines during weekday peak hours, trains will run every 15 minutes instead of every 10 minutes. Off-peak and on weekend days, trains will run every 15 minutes instead of every 12 minutes. Evening service will remain every 20 minutes.

The A, C, E and L light rail lines will run every 10 minutes during peak hours weekdays instead of every 8 minutes. Midday and weekend light rail service will remain every 12 minutes, and 20-minute evening service.

Check for updates on bus or train schedules by visiting or by using Metro’s official app — to plan your trips at

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