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Southland water districts establish new partnership


Following nearly a year of exploratory meetings, Palmdale Water District (PWD) and United Water Conservation District (UWCD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to share resources and work on large-scale projects that are of mutual benefit. The projects outlined in the agreement include the coordinated development and use of water resources, recreation areas, intern and apprenticeship programs, and advanced water treatment.

“I am extremely pleased that our boards have agreed to formally enter into a partnership,” said PWD Board President Gloria Dizmang. “UWCD is a highly regarded agency with an exceptionally talented and educated staff. I am confident that both districts will benefit tremendously from each other.”

Both PWD and UWCD boards of directors voted unanimously at their meetings this week to approve the MOU. The presidents of each body have been part of the ad hoc committee that has been meeting to solidify the partnership.

The UWCD has proposed a coastal brackish groundwater treatment plant at U.S. Navy Base Point Mugu to provide a sustainable solution to combat seawater intrusion and treat aquifer salinity contamination. The proposal is for the plant to use extracted brackish groundwater for treatment.

Similarly, PWD’s plans for the plant are to treat recycled water from the sanitation districts of Los Angeles County for reuse purposes. Both programs are said to be critical to each agency’s water sustainability needs.