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Snoop Dogg increases presence in cannabis industry


Snoop Dogg and cannabis go hand and hand, and that relationship continues to grow. According to Dot.L.A./Afro Tech, the legendary rapper’s venture capital firm Casa Verde has backed TSUMo Snacks — a cannabis brand offering tortilla chips and cheese puffs infused with a 10-milligram dose of THC per bag — in a $4 million seed funding round.

Dogg is not new to the cannabis industry. In fact, the west coast rapper helped to popularize the plant throughout his career. In the last year, Casa Verde managed to raise $100 million for its second fund and has invested in startups within the cannabis industry that range from producers and manufacturers to biotech firms and sales and compliance software providers.

The latest investment places Dogg into a new lane of cannabis ventures — edibles — and TSUMo Snacks wants to separate itself from the crowded market that has generally catered toward sweets.  According to the report, edibles that include chocolates, gummies and lozenges, are generally cheaper to make and able to mask the earthy cannabis flavor when portioned out in the right doses.

“With all edibles, you have to stay within the 10 percent variance in terms of the dosing—and when you’re talking about chips, which are irregular, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do,” said TSUMo co-founder and CEO Caroline Yeh.

TSUMo Snacks currently offers five snack flavors in personal sized-bags and are available to purchase at dispensaries across California with plans to offer larger, multi-serving bags next month.