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Former school district police chief charged with embezzlement


Former Inglewood Unified School District Chief William Carter, and an officer, Timothy Marks, have both been charged with multiple counts of conspiring to embezzle public funds on or between Oct. 1, 2014 through Dec. 20, 2019.

Marks is the owner of a security company that hired Carter as an employee. Marks reportedly paid Carter $50 an hour, totalling nearly $83,000 for alleged work completed while Carter was simultaneously employed by Inglewood Unified.

Carter would allegedly use his school vehicle, and school issued gas card to travel to and from his security job in Adelanto, Calif. In the process, Carter would allegedly activate “lights and sirens” to avoid traffic delays.

Marks’ company was using Carter services for a marijuana grow site in Adelanto.

Previous federal indictments have been handed out to Adelanto’s former mayor Rich Kerr and former mayor pro-tem Jermaine Wright who face charges related to bribery.

In 2013, Carter was previously under investigation by the school district for allegations he “verbally threatened” then state administrator Dr. Don Brann.

“Carter was put on leave, then mysteriously came back, and retired shortly thereafter,” said a district employee who refused to be identified for fear of retaliation.

Marks was a former officer of LAPD.

Carter’s warrant is set at $150,000, and Marks at $75,000.

Former Inglewood police officer Martin Sissac has assumed the role as interim police chief.