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NBA’s James Harden releases fragrance from line co-founded by late Kobe Bryant


According to Afro Tech/Boardroom TV, NBA player James Harden has just released a new fragrance through Art of Sport that pays tribute to its co-founder — the late Kobe Bryant.

Brooklyn Nets player Harden worked throughout 2021 on the packaging, coloring and scent of the fragrance, which he ultimately called “Defy.” Defy is the second fragrance to ever come out by Art of Sport, with the first being “Victory” releases in 2019.

“I named my signature fragrance Defy for every person chasing a dream,” James Harden said. “I challenge you to keep going until your dreams come true. I picked fragrances to create a smell that’s bold, luxurious and uplifting. For the packaging color, I wanted something that spoke to Kobe and L.A. L.A raised me, you can say it raised Kobe, and Art of Sport was born in L.A. This one’s for you, Bean! This one’s for the city!”

Defy is a fragrance that, according to the outlet, features scents of sandalwood and musk, and is available exclusively on Amazon. The scent can be found in Art of Sport’s line of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and antiperspirants. The company anticipates a rollout to Target later this year.

James Harden is listed as a partner of Art of Sport, but it’s unclear what that means in terms of his role in the company, his share of the development or any other details. The Bryant-Stibel venture capital firm was co-founded in 2016 by Kobe Bryant and social entrepreneur Jeff Stibel. They’ve invested in Art of Sport.