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Jackson Agency and founder of ‘Voices of Color’ unite to create representation


By Black PR Wire

The Jackson Agency (TJA) is announcing the launch of their Voice Over (VO) division to bring more opportunities to artists of color, who are still being overlooked, despite a nationwide diversity mandate where studios and networks have partnered with big names, overlooking smaller Black-owned Agencies that are also filled with talent.

“While trying to find my stride in the industry, I dove into an education binge, where I took lots of classes across genres of VO to expand my skill set,” said newly minted agent, Jasmine Greene.  “VOC has evolved into a resource and education hub while promoting POC (persons of color) voice actors, coaches, projects, and more. With my now new position as VO Agent at Jackson Agency, I am hoping to help make diversity the norm by helping those underrepresented groups get exposure and access to the industry.”

The Jackson Agency said it is far from done with its mission to fight for diversity in entertainment. It believes diverse voices are being overlooked due to a lack of understanding of the ripple effects of systemic racism.