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Caravan held on King Day 

Parade in Leimert Park to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Although the Kingdom Day parade was canceled for a second year due to the pandemic, a coalition of community organizations came together for a “Caravan for Social Justice” Monday, and others organized celebrations at Leimert Park.

“These groups are the groups that have power – all of them,” said Rev. William D. Smart, Jr., president and director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Los Angeles (SCLC-LA), an organization founded by Dr. Martin Luther King To improve the condition of the impoverished.

Smart delivered a message before the caravan of nearly 100 cars, trucks and buses, started it’s trek down King Boulevard. Participants included members of the Harvard Boulevard Block Club, the Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice, the South Central Tenants Union, Veterans for Peace and others.

“They are working on issues that are effective for us. At the grass roots level and that’s what’s important,” Smart said.