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NFL’s Emmanuel Ellerbee launches nonprofit to lead Black student athletes into STEM


National Football League player Emmanuel Ellerbee is looking out for
student athletes with his new nonprofit. The Atlanta Falcons
linebacker launched his nonprofit, Bee’s Believers, to bridge the gap
between student-athletes and science, technology, engineering and
mathematics (STEM), reports ABC 13/Afro Tech.
During his time as a student-athlete in his hometown of Houston, TX,
Ellerbee received guidance to decide a path to pursue along with
his  football  career, which led him to earn a degree in civil engineering
from Rice University.

“When I was coming out of school and during the recruitment
process, a lot of people told me ‘Oh you’re going to have to choose one
or the other,’” Ellerbee told the outlet. “‘You’re either going to have to
be a great engineering student or a be a great athlete.’ I was like ‘Why
can’t I do both?’”
Now, he’s paying it forward for today’s student-athletes to follow in
his footsteps.
“Our mission is to provide students with opportunities through
athletics and STE(A)M, so that they may have the chance to discover
new passions, on and off the field,” the Houston-based nonprofit says
on its  website.  “No child should be limited in what they seek to
achieve in this lifetime, and we have made it our mission to help
elevate them.”
Ellerbee’s nonprofit serves as a call to action to help combat the low
percentage of Black and Brown people in  STEM.
“For us, it was all about going for inner city schools, and just giving
them the opportunity to be able to have that exposure that they
typically wouldn’t get,” he said.
According to the outlet, Bee’s Believers will be hosting a seminar for
ninth graders in March 2022. The upcoming seminar will connect
student-athletes from other Houston-area high schools and provide
them the opportunity to speak with former and current professional
athletes who now have careers in the STEM field.