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Halle Berry inks multi-picture deal with NetFlix


By Carol Ozemhoya | Across Black America

Halle Berry has signed a multi-picture feature film creative partnership with NetFlix, reports Huffington Post. The Oscar winner will star in and produce new films for Netflix as part of the deal, the streaming service said in an announcement on Tuesday. The news comes on the heels of her directorial debut for her new film, “Bruised,” which premiered on Netflix on Nov. 24. Berry also stars in the film.

“Bruised” became the company’s No. 1 film of the week in the U.S. last week, Netflix said. In the movie, Berry plays mixed martial arts fighter Jackie Justice, who returns to the ring as she seeks redemption both in the sport and in her personal life. Berry celebrated her experience working with Netflix for “Bruised,” calling the film a “labor of love.”

“The Netflix team has not only been collaborative and creative, but extremely passionate and a delight to work with,” she said. Berry has talked about the intense training she underwent while filming, telling Entertainment Weekly in August that she broke two of her ribs in the process.

The actor chose not to halt production over her injuries, telling EW: “Because it was an independent movie, we didn’t have a big budget. The director in me said, ‘I didn’t come this far and work this hard to go home.’”

Berry is also set to star in two upcoming Netflix films: “The Mothership” and “Our Man From Jersey.”

She celebrated the success of the premiere of “Bruised” on Netflix in an Instagram post on Tuesday. Berry can be seen in a video dancing to the film’s soundtrack, an all-female hip-hop album she co-produced with Cardi B.