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Girl ‘makes a bundle’ selling festival artwork

Sanyu Kalyesubula

Hats off to Sanyu Kalyesubula

Nine-year-old self-taught artist Sanyu Kalyesubula made over a thousand dollars selling her artwork at Palmdale’s Kaleidoscope Art & Music Festival last week.

Her exact total for the one-day event was $1,153.95, according to her mother, Saharra White, who said the gifted youngster has been creating artwork for several years.

“Sanyu is self-taught. She took one class in kinder. She wasn’t impressed with what she was learning, so instead I decided just to buy supplies for her and let her create freely,” White said.

Last September, Sanyu started selling her artwork at pop-up events. She also launched a juice company with her 7-year-old brother, Ali, called Food For My Babies. The two children, with the help of their mother, continued to do popups, raking in hundreds of dollars selling artwork and cold-pressed juice at a half dozen events.

For the Kaleidoscope Art & Music Festival, Sanyu said: “I wanted to challenge myself to make $1,000 because I was only allowed to sell items that I created.”

In exceeding her goal, Sanyu sold two original art pieces for over $300. She also garnered sales from her custom stickers, notebooks, mugs, pouches, and hats.

With the event behind her, the 9-year-old “kidpreneur” is now focused on “Sanyu’s World,” a children’s boutique shop that offers personalized artwork. The store showcases products by child artists and kid entrepreneurs, such as books, candles, bows, vegan soaps, and more.

Sanyu says her goal is to keep on creating. She also hopes to help others build confidence in creating their own masterpieces.

To find out more about Sanyu’s World, visit or stop by at 1140 Commerce Center Drive, Suite G10, in Lancaster.