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‘Maximum enforcement’ over Labor Day holiday weekend


Authorities this week warned Southlanders that officers will be out in force over the Labor Day weekend, on the lookout for motorists driving while impaired or violating other traffic safety laws.

The “maximum enforcement period’’ will begin at 6:01 p.m. tonight and continue through 11:59 p.m. Monday, said California Highway Patrol Commissioner Amanda Ray.

“Our officers are dedicated to making the roadways safe for all who use them,’’ Ray said in a statement. “Driving sober or designating a sober driver is the responsible choice to keep you, your passengers and other motorists safe.’’

Ray stressed that impairment can be caused by more than just alcohol—it also can be caused by cannabis, illicit and prescription drugs, or a combination of any of them.

During the 2020 Labor Day maximum enforcement period, CHP officers made more than 900 arrests for driving under the influence. During that weekend, 46 people died in crashes statewide, many of whom were not wearing a seat belt, Ray said.

Anyone suspecting that a person is driving while impaired was urged to call 911.

“That telephone call may save someone’s life,’’ Ray said.

Callers should be prepared to provide the dispatcher with a complete description of the vehicle, license plate number, location and direction of travel.