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LASD contributes to Southland art projects


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will provide a stockpile of handguns, rifles and automatic weapons that were accrued from criminal investigations, probation seizures and collection events to make the 11-foot monuments as part of the Peace Angels Project. Monuments will be placed in community and cultural areas throughout the region.

“We are extremely proud to assist in this contribution to the Peace Angels Project during such a heightened period of gun violence,” said Sheriff Alex Villanueva. “The LASD is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our communities and hopes this contribution will serve as a symbol of union between our local law enforcement agencies and our community members.”

The monuments will be created by artist and Peace Angels Project founder Lin Evola, who intends for the first monument to be placed in a prominent site in downtown Los Angeles.

“The wonderful honor to be invited to receive this stockpile of weapons is the culmination of over two decades of working closely with the LASD,” Evola said. “The Peace Angels Project… mission is to remove weapons from our streets and use them as a beautiful symbol of our future.”

Evola founded the Peace Angels Project in 1992 to address the epidemic of violence and reduce the number of weapons in the United States.