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Students at Utah school say ‘no thanks’ to Black history


A charter school in northern Utah that is allowing parents to opt students out of its Black History Month curriculum has sparked a debate over whether or not parents should have the option, reports NBC News.

Maria Montessori Academy Director Micah Hirokawa said on the school’s Facebook page on Friday that he “reluctantly” sent out a letter explaining families are allowed “to exercise their civil rights to not participate in Black History Month at the school,” reported. the Standard-Examiner.

Hirokawa said “few families” asked not to participate in instruction related to Black History Month. But he declined to say how many parents or their reasons for making the decision.

“We should not shield our children from the history of our nation, the mistreatment of its African American citizens, and the bravery of civil rights leaders, but should educate them about it,” Hirokawa said, adding that the parents’ request saddens and disappoints him.

The school’s board of directors declined to provide further comment on the decision.