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Lancaster reports more than 1,700 cases of coronavirus


The city of Lancaster this week updated its list of residents who have contracted coronavirus. To date, 23 persons have succumbed from COVID-19.

Los Angeles County Cases

New: 3,160

Cumulative Total: 159,045

Los Angeles County Deaths

New: 9

Total: 4,104

Lancaster Cases

New: 32

Cumulative Total: 1,716

Lancaster Deaths

New: 0

Total: 23

Antelope Valley Cumulative Cases: 3,979*

Antelope Valley Deaths: 61

City officials released a statement:

“We initially thought people should wear a mask because they protect others from breathing our germs. The most recent research is that it will also reduce the viral load for the person wearing the mask. It will not filter all of the virus, but it will reduce the amount of the COVID-19 virus we breathe. The people who have low viral exposure have fewer symptoms and are far more likely to survive.

“Yes, it is hard to know who or what to believe. Everyone is learning more every day because this is a new disease and no one had any experience with it until just a few months ago”

*Lancaster (1,716) + Palmdale (1,992) + the unincorporated areas of: Del Sur (3), Elizabeth Lake (5), Lake Hughes (1), Leona Valley (14), Littlerock (43), Littlerock/Juniper Hills (4), Littlerock/Pearblossom (47), Llano (2), North Lancaster (9), Palmdale (15), Pearblossom/Llano (13), Quartz Hill (103), South Antelope Valley (1), Southeast Antelope Valley (8), West Antelope Valley (3).

Lancaster (23) + Palmdale (26) + the unincorporated areas of: Del Sur (1), Pearblossom/Llano (1), Quartz Hill (10)