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State of Emergency declared in Lancaster


The Lancaster City Council this week declared a local State of Emergency in light of the rapid spread of coronavirus in Los Angeles County. The resolution passed 5-0. For more details on all actions taken, this evening, visit website

The following are the resolutions and an ordinance which were passed at this week’s Council meeting:

Resolution. No. 20-08, confirming the existence of a local emergency.

What does this mean?

Confirming and ratifying the existence of local emergency; approving emergency expenditures (Cal. Pub. Contracts Code 20168); ordering copy be forwarded to LA County OEM/Cal OES (for state and federal reimbursement)

Resolution. No. 20-09, confirming the Emergency Regulations for Public Meetings to Mitigate Transmission of COVID-19.

What does this mean?

Confirming and ratifying the Emergency Regulations for Public Meetings to Mitigate Transmission of COVID-19, issued by the City Manager on March 16, in his capacity as Director of Emergency Services

Resolution No. 20-10, Adopting regulatory and procedural measures related to COVID-19 local emergency.

What does this mean?

— Deadlines for non-critical city functions, including but not limited to processing land use and development applications, business licenses, records request pursuant to the California Public Records Act, and other functions are extended by thirty (30) calendar days for the duration of the local emergency.

— All city classes, courses, sports events at city facilities and other city events serving more than 10 persons are canceled for the duration of the local emergency.

— A ninety (90) day stay on the payment of application fees for all new or renewed business licenses required pursuant to Title 5 of the Lancaster Municipal Code shall be implemented upon adoption of this Resolution.

— A ninety (90) day stay on the issuance of code enforcement administrative citations and parking citations, and all collection activities associated with such citations, shall be implemented upon adoption of this Resolution; provided, however, that said stay shall not be applicable in the event of citations related to public health and safety issues or conditions.

— City staff shall not conduct in-person meetings with more than ten persons present. Local businesses are directed similarly to limit in-person meetings to ten persons or fewer.

—The City Council hereby authorizes reprioritization of FY 2019-2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for public service eligible activities to meet the needs of the most vulnerable individuals, to prevent and respond to the spread of COVID-19.

— Local grocery stores are directed to set aside two (2) hours each day during which access to the store will be limited to persons 60 years of age and older, to allow said persons an opportunity to purchase groceries and household supplies in a more protective environment.

— Local grocery and household supply stores are directed to waive any per-household limits on food items, cleaning goods and sanitary supplies for service providers who serve community members in need, including but not limited to the Homeless Shelter. Local stores may implement identification or permit procedures deemed appropriate to ensure persons being exempted from per-household limits are associated with legitimate service provider organizations.

— Group homes, senior residential and day care facilities, and other group living facilities are directed to limit access to staff and necessary vendors only, and to screen all persons for fever of 100 degrees or more prior to allowing entry. Such facilities are further directed to assist residents and their family and friends in utilizing telephone, social media, and real-time apps to maintain social connection during the local emergency.

Ordinance No 1073

Prohibiting landlords from proceeding with evictions for duration of emergency when residential or commercial tenant is unable to pay rent as a result of detrimental effects of COVID-19.