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Atlanta hosting Black couple’s Atlanta Creators Conference


In the last couple of years, Our Weekly has written a lot about all the major streaming network going after Black celebrities and TV and movie producers and directors to sign deals to create content. Folks such as Oprah, Kevin Hart, Ava DuVernay and even the former residents of the White House – the Obamas – have signed huge multi-million dollar deals to producer content, including Netflix, Apple, etc., focused on Black culture and issues for different streaming networks.

So it seems only natural that someone would be smart enough to launch a conference focused on content creation. That “someone” is Audrey Beharie-McGee and her husband Brian McGee. The pair created the Atlanta Creators Conference, which will take place this month – Feb. 22, 23 – in Atlanta, featuring content creators from film, TV, music, theater and the arts.

“The Atlanta Creators Conference was launched with the mission to demystify the in-roads and create an affordable synergy to bridge the gap for those wishing to enter the industry by providing a healthy, productive and dynamic forum where industry professionals are able to share their own personal stories, nuggets of wisdom, and acquired knowledge together with the ups and downs of the business through healthy, exciting and information dialogues,” Beharie-McGee says.

About 55 speakers will share their stories and experiences over the two days, and there will also be workshops and networking opportunities. Just a few of the speakers featured include XOD Network’s Domonique Mitchell, Song Source Music Group CEO Adrian Meeks, Linda Chatmon of Contracts and Grants, Ndosi Anyabwile of Gorilla Tactix, David Hogan of IMAX, renowned songwriter Kipper Jones and music licensing special Janet Wade, just to name a few. Find out more at