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Claim is filed against Kristoff St. John estate


The second wife of the late Kristoff St. John has filed a $1.16 million claim against the actor’s estate, saying the money is needed for the benefit of their 16-year-old daughter.

Allana Nadal’s petition, filed Jan. 21 in Los Angeles Superior Court, states that the estate funds would be used to provide $5,721 a month in child support for Lola St. John through her scheduled graduation in June 2021, amounting to about $165,880. The balance would consist of $1 million in life insurance proceeds that Nadal maintains should have been distributed to her daughter.

Nadal was married to St. John from 2001-07 and maintains the money she is seeking was guaranteed to her daughter under the former couple’s 2007 divorce judgment.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Deborah Christian previously appointed St. John’s father, Christopher, and the actor’s other daughter, Paris, as temporary special co-administrators of his estate. A permanent administrator will be selected later.

Christopher and Paris St. John disagree over the validity of a will the elder St. John alleges was handwritten by the actor before he died. The will states that the actor wanted his personal savings and money to be shared between Paris and Lola St. John at a split of 25 percent  and 75 percent, respectively.

Dated Aug. 12, 2017, the will requests that the actor’s father be made executor of the estate.

Last June, 27-year-old Paris St. John filed a petition challenging the validity of the will. She has also maintained a neutral third party should administer the estate.

The judge has not decided on the will’s validity. Paris St. John was born while the actor was married to boxer Mia St. John from 1991-95.

St. John, who played Neil Winters on “The Young and the Restless,’’ was 52 and died of hypertrophic heart failure on Feb. 3, 2018.