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T-Pain’s ‘School of Business’ returns to trouble Fuse network


T-Pain’s “School of Business, which sees rapper and record producer T-Pain exploring startups created by millennial entrepreneurs, has been renewed for a second season on Fuse, reports This season, the show will feature the first robot-made hamburger as well as high-tech tattoos, custom sneakers and zero carbon emissions trucks.

As T-Pain explores each company, the entrepreneurs reveal how they got started and what it took to turn their ideas into reality. The series is executive produced by Jonas Bell Pasht, Jonah Bekhor, Rebecca Hertz, Jonny Shipes and T-Pain, and is produced by Citizen Jones. J.T. Ladt, chief content officer at Fuse Media, said, “T-Pain is on an incredible run lately and we are excited for the season two premiere of this empowering, unscripted series.

As an important voice in youth culture and a champion of young entrepreneurs, T-Pain and his school of business shine a light on some of the most innovative startups and talented creators in a way that only he can.” The announcement comes only days after the financially troubled Fuse Media was handed a lifeline by signing a distribution deal with T-Mobile. The second season will premiere on August 6. Some of its earlier content was on companies such as Xos Trucks, Black Santa and LogicInk.